Our API lets you traverse the building hierarchy, from portfolio, to individual buildings, to sub-locations within a building, such as rooms and floors, to individual pieces of equipment, such as lights and air conditioners. Customized groups of equipment can also be tracked and managed with the API, and relevant metadata such as weather, occupancy, square footage, etc. are accessible as well.

Data Hierarchy

Our API is organized in a way to make it easy for developers to pull building & equipment groups, and data into their applications.

Environmental Equivalencies

12,000 kWh of electricity used is equal to:


Labs is where Enertiv showcases our advanced functionality prior to integration in our system. It also serves a key role in our development process by allowing for rapid prototyping and hands-on demonstration of our newest features.

What Will You Make?

With CircuitAPI, you not only compliment other building related data, you enhance it. Some of the largest as well as emerging energy & building software leaders in the world are building remarkable tools by harnessing the power of real-time energy data.

Meet the EnertivTwo

The E2 monitors and analyzes your building's energy consumption in real-time.

Develop Your Own Tools

We want to help our users build and enhance products using our energy data.

Demo the API

Get access to equipment-level energy data to start developing with our API.