Energy Savings - Verified

You have technology that saves customers millions of dollars a year off of their energy bills. Enertiv wants to bring that data to life, showcasing your success to existing and future customers. The Enertiv Platform offers a scalable, accurate and proven M&V solution to captivate your customer audience, and make your solution stand out from the competition.

Increase Revenue

Give your client the confidence to scale your project to more buildings with verified savings.

Boost Customer Relations

Avoid potentially damaging accounts receivable issues with accurate and timely reporting for your business.

Gain Competitive Edge

With the saturation of retrofit offerings in the marketplace, Enertiv's Platform and reporting tools help set your product offering apart by bringing your energy savings data to life.

The Flexibility of the Enertiv Platform

Compliment and enhance any type of energy conservation measure (ECM) with a platform that follows the International Performance of Measurement & Verification Protocol standards (IPMVP). Enhance your product offering with accurate reports that are clean, detailed and flexible with the Enertiv Platform.

How It Works

1. Installation

Install the EnertivTwo in under 2 hours with no service interruptions.

2. Gather Baseline Data

Collect an initial baseline of energy usage after installation of the EnertivTwo.

3. Install Your Product

Set up your energy efficient technology (lighting, refrigeration, etc.)

4. Comparative Data

Generate reports with the Enertiv Platform to show savings based on normalized data relative to your baseline data.

Measurement & Verification

With the Enertiv Platform, each month you can show savings relative to the baseline to invoice your customers properly, and with confidence. Enertiv proves your energy efficient product saves energy, removing variables like weather from the equation.
“ is experiencing huge success with its game changing HVAC ECM from using Enertiv's real time M&V data. Facilities managers, CFOs and energy managers are witnessing the direct improvements. We're bringing Enertiv into all our upcoming efficiency projects.”

Better Data, Better Insights

Our reports help you track the performance of your ECMs, highlighting savings and new opportunities.

Meet the EnertivTwo

The world's smartest energy monitoring device.

Sample Reports

View sample M&V reports now