Insightful Analytics for Every Project

We leverage powerful data to provide deep analytics for energy service companies all over the world. Enertiv's platform brings transparency to your projects, yielding more powerful operational insights and energy savings to the client.

Powerful Data

Collect pre- and post-retrofit data for any installation, and our platform will keep an eye on how your clients' buildings are performing over time.

Intelligent Monitoring

Track your client's consumption in real-time, monitor the performance of your retrofit projects, and receive notifications if equipment malfunctions or irregularities are detected.


Our platform makes it simple to quantify, visualize and share with your customers the savings impact of your projects.

Enertiv Platform

We've built the most innovative energy data and analytics solution on the market and made it affordable for buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Additional Features

Measurement & Verification

We'll help you deliver results to your clients. Whether you're helping them with an LED retrofit, improving their HVAC system, or suggesting operational changes to drive energy savings, our Measurement & Verification tools will ensure your project's success.
Enertiv's platform provides a complete and intuitive solution for collecting, displaying, and analyzing equipment-level energy data in our clients' facilities, supporting efficiency improvement strategies and better understanding the full impact of these strategies. Enertiv is helping us dig deeper for savings.”

Energy Star Partner of the Year '15

Smart Alerts

Enertiv detects equipment malfunctions and notifies your building staff immediately so they can take action more quickly. With higher-precision equipment maintenance, you avoid significant energy waste and costly tenant comfort disruptions.

Better Data, Better Insights

Our reports help you track the performance of your ECMs, highlighting savings and new opportunities.

Meet the EnertivTwo

The world's smartest energy monitoring device.

Enertiv Platform Demo

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