Your Data, On a New Level

We provide data to some of the largest as well as emerging energy & building software leaders in the world. With the EnertivTwo + CircuitAPI, you can leverage our ability to collect the most granular real-time energy data and feed it right into your software.


From the entire year, and even up to this very minute, Enertiv's unparalleled sampling power is available for your needs.


Access the data behind your energy consumption, from your building down to individual pieces of equipment and across custom groups.

Flexible Hardware

Whether you need total building load, floors and independent rooms, or equipment, the EnertivTwo has got you covered. It's the easiest to install meter on the market and comes 3G, WiFi and ethernet ready.

Circuit API

With CircuitAPI, you not only complement other building related data, you enhance it. Some of the largest and most advanced energy & building software leaders in the world are building remarkable tools by harnessing the power of real-time energy data.

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Labs is where Enertiv showcases our advanced functionality prior to integration in our system. It also serves a key role in our development process by allowing for rapid prototyping and hands-on demonstration of our newest features.

Demo the API

Get access to equipment-level energy data to start developing with our API.

Meet the EnertivTwo

The E2 monitors and analyzes your building's energy consumption in real-time.