Next Generation Submetering

Deliver portfolio-wide energy management and increase your tenant energy recovery.

Submetering & Automated Billing

Generating accurate tenant bills in seconds will free up valuable operational time for your building management.

Energy Management

Enertiv gives you the ability to not only monitor common space loads, but be notified when your building's equipment breaks down. Managing portfolio-wide equipment/asset functionality is critical to strengthening your portfolio's operational cash flow.

Portfolio Interface

Our tools help you to maintain higher tenant satisfaction and lower energy costs across your portfolio with one simple interface for your building operators, administrators and tenants.

Enertiv Platform

We've built the most innovative energy data and analytics solution on the market and made it affordable for buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Smart Alerts

Enertiv detects equipment malfunctions and notifies your building staff immediately so they can take action more quickly. With higher-precision equipment maintenance, you avoid significant energy waste and costly tenant comfort disruptions.

Currently if there's a spike in electricity, it might take us a couple of months to notice it in the bills, another several weeks to identify the sources, and then a week to correct it. With the Enertiv Platform we're able to identify anomalies in real-time as they happen, and minimize the adverse effects before bills are even affected.”

Portfolio View

Enertiv has designed a centralized platform to improve the control of each building's peak energy demand. This allows you to simplify your tenant billing management and maintain the flexibility to handle multiple leasing structures. As an owner or a building manager, you can significantly reduce operating expenses and improve the overall financial performance of your buildings.

Enertiv App

Engage tenants by showing them their energy usage on an individual level. Providing personalized tips encourages continuous tenant engagement and good energy practices.

Enertiv Dashboard

Showcase your commitment to sustainability with interactive building dashboards. They serve as a central information hub for your building's occupants, providing real-time energy, weather, news, maps and traffic information.

Occupant Billing

Accurately allocate energy costs to tenants in seconds with a detailed bill that includes insights and analytics. With an increased awareness of how energy is used (and when), tenants can be influenced to reduce their energy consumption.

Meet the EnertivTwo

The world's smartest energy monitoring device.


Finally, a modern billing and energy management solution.