How We Work with You


EnertivTwo electric meter connected to a subpanel

EnertivTwo Meter

The smartest and most affordable meter available.

  • Track every equipment endpoint and tenant space
  • Collect thousands of performance readings every second
  • Save on labor and material costs
  • Integrate with existing meters and sensors
  • Connect to the cloud for real-time insights

An live look at Enertiv's Building Operations Management Platform

Enertiv AI — Asset Intelligence

Give your building a brain.

  • Track all of the critical systems in your building, from the boilers, pumps and chillers to the elevators and exhaust fans
  • Predictively detect equipment failures by utilizing machine-learning analytics
  • Identify opportunities to reduce expenses with actionable alerts and reports delivered to building operations management
  • Get notified of equipment scheduling discrepancies and your building's forecasted demand peak

An example of Enertiv's tenant submetering and billing management technology

Enertiv ATB – Automatic Tenant Billing

Automate your tenant billing process.

  • Generate highly accurate bills via digital automation
  • See how much energy each of your tenants consumes in real time
  • Provide tenants with usage forecasts and neighbor comparisons
  • Improve tenant engagement with a tenant web portal and mobile app