Get to Know Your Customers Better

We empower you to provide the highest quality service to your customers, by delivering unmatched transparency into how they consume energy. Our tools show customers opportunities to reduce energy waste, uncover rebate opportunities, and reduce peak demand using highly scalable, data-driven techniques. We'll help you better engage your customers, so that you can stay focused on keeping the lights on.


Show your customers ways to reduce energy waste, while learning about their consumption patterns to influence the modern power grid.


Match energy conservation measures with utility specific rebates automatically with our real-time data and rebate engine.


Increase customer engagement, reduce energy waste and peak demand, all while getting the most out of your rebate programs.

Energy Audit Report

You'd be amazed with what you can see with the data that comes out of your utility meter. We break down your total building consumption into its various equipment groups and pinpoint inefficiencies. We make sense of your buildings' usage patterns, providing practical energy efficiency recommendations and a clear path to savings.

Enertiv Platform

We've built the most innovative energy data and analytics solution on the market and made it affordable for buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Additional Features

Meet the EnertivTwo

The world's smartest energy monitoring device.

Enertiv Platform Demo

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