About Enertiv

Enertiv is a real estate technology company based out of New York City. We deploy meters and sensors to capture highly granular building data in order to improve the operational performance of commercial real estate, with a focus on multifamily and office portfolios.

Our platform reduces operating expenese related to maintenance and energy, maximizes tenant comfort, and delivers full transparency into the building operations across an entire portfolio.

What We've Built

We call our platform an Operations Performance System (OPS). In addition to utilizing existing data sources, such as from utility meters and building management systems, we deploy IoT devices to track every piece of equipment, tenant space, and indoor environmental condition throughout buildings.

Enertiv OPS is made up of a number of technologies, which can be delivered individually, but are most powerful as a whole:

  • Enertiv AI (Asset Intelligence) continuously analyzes hundreds of pieces of equipment per building to deliver intelligent notifications around issues and inefficiencies in real time.
  • Enertiv ATB (Automated Tenant Billing) completely automates the tenant submetering and billing process for both electricity and water.
  • The EnertivTwo Meter is an IoT device capable of tracking up to 42 equipment end points in real time and performing on-site "edge computing" analyzes

Our Company Mission

Enertiv makes buildings easier to operate, healthier to occupy, and more profitable to own. We envision a world in which building operators are empowered with real-time information so that the indoor environment in which we live and work is healthy and comfortable, and billions of dollars of asset value are unlocked through reduced operations expenses.

We are constantly innovating and utilizing the recent advances in Big Data, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and edge computing to transform enormous amounts of data into valuable insights for the country's leading real estate portfolios.


Connell McGill

Co-Founder, CEO

Connell is the CEO and Co-Founder of Enertiv and sits on its Board of Directors. His responsibilities include driving the company vision, growing the team, building and managing channel partnerships and client accounts, and developing as well as maintaining investor relations. Recently, Connell was named one of the “Top 10 Energy Entrepreneurs in NYC” by Breaking Energy for his contributions at Enertiv. Prior to founding Enertiv, Connell was a Senior Project Manager at the New England Consulting Group, consulting for a number of C-suite executives at Fortune 100 companies. Connell graduated magna cum laude from Babson College's Honors Program with concentrations in Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Pavel Khodorkovskiy

Co-Founder, CTO

Pavel is the CTO and Co-Founder of Enertiv and sits on its Board of Directors. Pavel is a highly experienced technologist credited for developing both the hardware and software for Enertiv’s early prototype. Today, he is responsible for overseeing R&D of the Enertiv Operations Performance System, managing the company’s new product development roadmap, and installation logistics and operations for the company. Prior to Enertiv, Pavel was Director of IT Projects at New Media Internet where he developed software and maintained the daily operations of their data center. Pavel is a graduate of Babson College with a concentration in Managerial Information Systems.

Board of Directors

Eldon Klaassen

Mr. Klaassen is an expert in energy and capital markets technology as well as a seasoned business builder. He currently heads Cerium Technology, where he has expanded the scope of the firm across new areas of interest in addition to increasing the value of assets under management. Prior to Cerium, Mr. Klaassen was the founder and CEO of Allegro Development, a pioneer in energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software.

Tom Blum

Mr. Blum has spent over 30 years as an investment banker and an investor in private equity and venture capital opportunities. He is currently a Senior Advisor at G.C. Andersen Partner, an active angel investor, and member of New York Angels and HBS Alumni Angels of NY. Previously, Mr. Blum ran Channel Capital LLC, a firm he founded in 2001 to provide venture capital and financial advisory services to emerging companies.