An example alert sent to property operations staff to address broken boiler

Lower Operating Costs

Deliver operating efficiency across a portfolio.

  • Monitor the cost and effectiveness of each critical equipment system throughout your buildings
  • Take advantage of actionable insights on how to reduce base building loads
  • Drill down to the equipment level to see which systems are on when they should be off and which equipment is using more than needed to do its job

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A graph showing how continuous commissioning and predictive analytics can help building operators

Conditions-based Maintenance

  • Perform maintenance only when performance drops
  • Extend equipment life and avoid costly capital expenditures
  • Prioritize maintenance activites with more confidence
  • Implement continuous building commissioning software
  • Reduce unnecessary preventative maintenance activities
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Enertiv can enhance the capabilities of Building Management Systems, or work as a less expensive alternative

BMS Supplement or Alternative

We Already Have a BMS

  • Continuously monitor performance to ensure everything is running as intended
  • Catch human error with BMS settings
  • Put data behind automation decisions

We Don't Have A BMS

  • Enertiv can serve as a BMS Lite
  • Monitoring and fault detection allow your staff to work efficiently
  • Implement a powerful solution for a fraction of the cost of a traditional BMS
Example reports sent to building and property operations management

Custom Reporting

Management wants to know how its assets are performing.

  • Get automatic reports on equipment performance
  • Prove that your efforts are driving real results
  • Create your own reports
  • Segment reporting by roles within your organization