The EnertivTwo energy meter diagram

Meet the EnertivTwo


The EnertivTwo costs less per module, or “point,” than any other advanced meter on the market. Using the EnertivTwo allows us keep installation costs to a minimum without sacrificing on collection capabilities.

Easy Installation

Installation takes about an hour without any rewiring or power interruptions. The EnertivTwo has been designed specifically to avoid the headaches involved with additional work requirements and lengthy installations.

Efficient and Durable

The EnertivTwo is powered directly from the electrical panel so it does not require an outlet, is built with durable components and has no moving parts for maximum dependability.

Open Protocols

The EnertivTwo does not require you to lock yourself into a specific protocol or system. It has been designed to work with almost every protocol available to give you flexibility in your development decisions.


The EnertivTwo can be connected to main feeds to track total building consumption, distribution panels to track critical equipment systems or individual subpanels to track tenant consumption.

Cloud Connected

The EnertivTwo connects to a dedicated cellular network and securely (HTTPS) uploads to the cloud in real-time, never depending on the internal network. Alternatively, we can use any available ethernet or Wi-Fi connections.