The EnertivTwo lets energy retrofit providers track and verify their results

Meet the EnertivTwo

Eligibility for Tax Credits

If your project needs real-time monitoring in order to qualify for certain tax credits essential to an economically viable project, the EnertivTwo is the most affordable advanced meter on the market.

Continuous Monitoring

Energy audits are costly and only show a snapshot of building performance. Our meters are affordable, easy to install and show a constant flow of data to enable you to track the benefits of your project in real time.

Easy Installation

Installation takes about an hour without any rewiring or power interruptions. The EnertivTwo has been designed specifically to avoid the headaches involved with burdensome requirements and lengthy installations.

Focus on Your Service

Stay focused on quality service and retrofit installations. Leave the data and analytics up to us. By installing the EnertivTwo, you can move on to your next project with confidence knowing that M&V services are being delivered with pinpoint accuracy.


The EnertivTwo costs less per module, or “point,” than any other advanced meter on the market. Using the EnertivTwo keeps installation costs to a minimum without sacrificing on collection capabilities.

Cloud Connected

Set up a dedicated cellular network for your data flow and securely (HTTPS) upload to the cloud in real time, never depending on the internal network and eliminating the need to wait on IT departments. Alternatively, we can use any available ethernet or Wi-Fi connections.