Mobile and desktop web app for tenant's to view their utility submetering usage and billing

Tenant Engagement Portal

Provide tenants with an intuitive and white labeled portal to expose real-time data about their energy consumption and forecasts

  • Market a premium tenant experience
  • Create a tenant engagement channel
  • Eliminate billing disagreements
  • Encourage energy savings
CRE submetering platform for office and multifamily buildings

Automatic Billing

Invoices are automatically generate as soon as the billing period ends.

  • Speed up cost outlay recovery
  • Reduce admin time preparing invoices
  • Make bill paying easy and predictable for tenants
  • Avoid human errors and discrepancies
Highlights of which equipment can be shifted to achieve peak demand reduction

Mobile Interface

Enertiv's platform is designed to be easy to use from any device.

  • Save time for operators in the field
  • Engage with tenants remotely
  • Solve problems faster with inline charts
  • Get visibility from anywhere in the world
Make vendors accountable for their work in building operations

Vendor Accountability

Monitor whether outside vendors are performing work as contracted.

  • Ensure equipment uptime
  • Get the most out of capital investments
  • Create a culture of accountability
  • Gain transparency into outside vendors
Utility bill tracking reports going to building operations managers

Custom Reporting

In addition to standard reports, each user has the ability to build or schedule custom reports based on any data type and time period

  • Reduce admin time generating reports
  • Compare time periods to evaluate progress
  • Promote a culture of accountability with data
  • Gain transparency across properties and departments


Enertiv's well-structured API makes pushing and pulling data from third party systems straightforward and automated.

  • Avoid data silos
  • Utilize existing systems and software
  • Promote a culture of collaboration
  • Avoid being "locked-in" to any one provider

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