Compiling data digitally and billing immediately allows for quicker payments

Faster Recovery of Cost Outlays

  • Easily track the recovery rate of your utility cost outlays
  • Detail individual tenant contributions to the total utility bill
  • Speed up the billing and cost recovery process
  • Integrate into your existing property management or accounting software
Through a combination of web apps and building dashboards, Enertiv makes tenant engagement simple and effective

Engage with Tenants

  • Promote tenant engagement as an amenity
  • Command higher market prices
  • Bring tenant services online
  • Provide visibility into tenant consumption with building dashboards
Custom reports delivered digitally to property managers

Custom Reporting

Management wants to know how its assets are performing.

  • Get automatic reports on tenant spaces
  • Prove that your efforts are driving real results
  • Create your own reports
  • Segment reporting by roles within your organization