Building commissioning fault detection for building operators

Building Operations

Get notified of equipment issues in real time to streamline maintenance activities, reduce operating expenses, and maximize tenant health and comfort.

Net operating income reports and optimization for asset managers

Asset Management

Maximize asset value by eliminating operational waste, extending equipment life, and ensuring tenant comfort for a fraction of the cost of a traditional building management system.

highly granular building data for engineers

Building Engineering

Utilize circuit-level performance tracking to improve equipment reliability and system configuration while ensuring that the BMS remains optimized with continuous schedule monitoring and notifications.

Energy management and real time energy monitoring reports for sustainability directors


Develop the business case for retrofits using accurate data and analytics, and automatically generate reports on the environmental impacts.

Tenant submetering and comfort solutions for property managers

Property Management

Improve tenants’ experience by addressing indoor environmental issues before they are noticed, and by providing accurate submeter billing accessible through mobile engagement tools.

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