Sustainability KPI reporting such as carbon reductions and energy efficiency

Track Sustainability KPIs

  • Gain visibility into your electricity, water, gas and steam usage in real time
  • Report on reductions over time
  • Automatically combine data with environmental equivalencies to determine a guiding sustainability metric
  • Report confidently on exactly how much energy and water have been saved
Web apps and mobile apps showing how to engage with tenants to foster behavior change

Engage Tenants

Equipment efficiencies can only go so far. You need to be able to engage tenants and influence their behavior to truly drive results.

  • The web portal and mobile app enable tenants to see their usage in real time
  • Allow tenants to compare themselves with neighbors
  • Provide forecasting tools for tenants to plan future spending
  • Educate tenants on the costs and emissions that can be avoided
Custom reports made specifically for sustainability directors

Custom Reporting

Management wants to know how its sustainability initiatives are performing.

  • Get automatic reports on environmental impact reductions
  • Prove that your efforts are driving real results
  • Create your own reports
  • Segment reporting by roles within your organization