Enertiv AI

Enertiv’s asset intelligence solution optimizes maintenance, eliminates waste, and ensures a trouble-free tenant experience


The Power of Asset Intelligence

Most commercial real estate properties have limited transparency for those responsible for the performance of the portfolio.

The data that does exist is not actionable and oftentimes “trapped” in the building itself.

This lack of transparency leads to inefficiencies and waste in how buildings are operating, ultimately limiting asset value.

Equipment Performance

A Solution for Every Stakeholder

The Enertiv Platform streamlines the operational workflows from the boardroom to the boiler room.


Full Portfolio Transparency for Owners and Asset Managers

Understand the costs of running your portfolio at a glance. Dynamically triage your assets by where the most waste is occurring based on standardized metrics and data-driven forecasts.

Enertiv 360 Analytics

Virtual Triage for Operations Managers

Enertiv 360 embeds real-time data and digitized documentation into a detailed replica of every critical system in a building to enable experienced operators to troubleshoot issues from anywhere.


Advanced Analytics for Building Engineers

The data captured by the Enertiv Platform can be visualized and grouped in countless ways to enable building engineers to identify insights that were never before possible.


Task Lists and Alerts for On-site Operators and Third-party Vendors

Enertiv leverages equipment-level sensor data to “dollarize” every maintenance and repair activity in an asset. This enables our platform to deliver an optimized list of activities to perform each day as well as real-time notifications for when unexpected issues arise.


Actionable Energy Insights for Sustainability Teams

The Enertiv Platform and Enertiv’s Client Success Team work in tandem to deliver actionable recommendations, quantify results, and automatically perform M&V. The Enertiv data can also be leveraged to streamline energy-related workflows such as rebates, certifications, and regulatory requirements.