Enertiv AI

Optimize maintenance, eliminate waste, and ensure a trouble-free tenant experience


The Power of Asset Intelligence

Most commercial real estate properties have limited transparency for owners and managers.

The data that does exist is not actionable and oftentimes “trapped” in the building itself.

This lack of transparency leads to inefficiencies and waste in how buildings are operating, ultimately limiting asset value.

Equipment Performance


Enertiv AI is built to serve every stakeholder, from the boardroom to the boiler room.


Runtime-based Preventative Maintenance

Instead of static calendars, Enertiv helps design PM schedules based on actual runtime hours.

  • Reduce maintenance labor hours

  • Improve equipment uptime

  • Lessen degradation from over-maintenance

  • Verify activity with data


Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Get notified the moment an unexpected equipment failure occurs.

Faults we detect:

  • Equipment failure

  • HVAC / lighting schedule change

  • Changes driving higher peak demand

  • Phase imbalance

  • Short cycling

  • Heating when warm / cooling when cold

  • Motor belt slip / snap

  • Imminent elevator failure

  • Voltage irregularities

  • And many more…

notification_freeze-watch (1).png

IoT Sensor Packages

Incorporate various sensors to track chronic and expensive operating issues.

  • Pipe freeze watch

  • Oil tank monitoring

  • Leak Detection

  • Elevator diagnostics

  • Boiler / chiller optimization


Predictive Maintenance

Over time, Enertiv AI learns when maintenance should be performed based on real-world operating performance.

  • 10% savings over PM alone

  • 40% reduction in downtime over PM alone


Actionable Insights

Enertiv AI has incorporated the lessons learned from top real estate operators and our data scientists to automatically identify opportunities to reduce operating expenses through optimized configurations and low-cost retrofits.

Some examples:

  • Scheduling

  • VFD installation

  • Inconsistent heating/cooling

  • Load reduction

  • Lead lag

  • Load factor

  • Balance points

  • Idling

  • Peak demand

  • And many more…