Equipment Level Submetering & Building Performance Platform

Enertiv tracks every critical equipment system in real time

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Hundreds of real estate owners and operators use Enertiv AI - Asset Intelligence to reduce operating expenses, streamline maintenance activities and improve tenant comfort. The technology helps with:

  • Real-time Fault Detection: Identify equipment issues that lead to tenant complaints the moment they occur
  • Predictive Maintenance: Reduce the amount of preventative maintenance activities by serving equipment only when performance drops or failure is imminent
  • Equipment Runtime & Energy Waste Reports: Gain full transparency into the costs associated with running critical equipment and identify opportunities for savings
  • All Relevant Building Data: The platform analyzes all relevant building sensors to identify issues such as basement flooding and poor indoor air quality
  • Machine Learning: Drive ongoing insights by continuously learning the performance profiles of building systems

Intelligent Notifications

Operators, engineers and managers are notified immediately via email, SMS and/or voice when an equipment failure is detected or when Enertiv's predictive analytics engine uncovers an issue with machinery or integrated systems.


It’s valuable that the data puts a real dollar amount on the savings of a properly functioning system. We didn’t anticipate the Enertiv system would be so valuable right away.

Adam Freedgood - Principal, Third Partners


The information provided was very helpful in determining where the problem started and stopped.

Sal Claps - Director of Facilities, Eataly