Automated Tenant Submeter Billing

Enertiv tracks every tenant load in real time and generates invoices automatically

Why Enertiv:

Automatic Meter Readings: Our digital meters record consumption every second to reduce costs, eliminate inaccuracies, and speed up data collection.

Track Cost Outlay Recovery: Keep track of the recovery rate of your cash outlays for utilities in real time to forecast cashflow and gain transparency.

Tenant Bills: Enertiv generates detailed, accurate, white labeled bills for each one of your tenants to help you create a premium experience and encourage utility reductions.

Tenant Engagement: Provide tenant with an intuitive and white labeled portal to expose real-time data about their consumption and forecasts.

Automatic Billing: Invoices are automatically generated as soon as the billing period ends to speed up recover and reduce admin time.

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It’s valuable that the data puts a real dollar amount on the savings of a properly functioning system. We didn’t anticipate the Enertiv system would be so valuable right away.

Adam Freedgood - Principal, Third Partners


The information provided was very helpful in determining where the problem started and stopped.

Sal Claps - Director of Facilities