Real-Time Metering for Office and Multifamily Real Estate

Enertiv affordably tracks every equipment system and environmental condition in a building

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Hundreds of real estate owners and operators use Enertiv's hardware to track the performance of their building operations. Here the data streams we collect in real time:

  • Equipment Level Submetering: Track every piece of equipment throughout a building in real time.
  • Tenant Level Submetering: Record utility costs and consumption of each tenant in a building.
  • Internet of Things Devices: Low-cost IoT devices can track environmental conditions such as indoor air quality, moisture and humidity.
  • Existing Sensors: Collect and visualize the data from existing sensors used by the building management system.
  • Utility Meters: Remotely read electric, gas, water and steam meters to track spending in real time.

Enertiv does more than just energy tracking

IoT Sensor Integration

The falling costs and improving precision of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors enables Enertiv to affordably turn any building into a "smart" building. By continusouly tracking occupancy rates, space temperature, moisture & leaks, weather and indoor air quality, tenant comfort can be managed proactively.


It’s valuable that the data puts a real dollar amount on the savings of a properly functioning system. We didn’t anticipate the Enertiv system would be so valuable right away.

Adam Freedgood - Principal, Third Partners


The information provided was very helpful in determining where the problem started and stopped.

Sal Claps - Director of Facilities, Eataly