We Collect Better Data. Period.

We identify the lowest cost strategy to reliably capture the data needed to deliver valuable insights, whether that's our devices, our partner's building sensors, or existing sources.


Our Focus

Better Data

More Data

We deploy a wide range of sensor types to get a holistic picture of building operations, as well as non-sensor data to add context to our insights.

Speed of Install

Speed and Scale

Installation generally takes 2 days per building and portfolio-wide roll-outs can be completed simultaneously.



We keep installation costs to a few cents per square foot to maximize ROI.


Our Approach

Survey App


The Enertiv Survey App quickly captures 360 degree scans of every mechanical room as well as the nameplate for each piece of equipment.


Critical Equipment

The EnertivTwo (E2) costs 80% less than comparable sensor devices, enabling us to track the performance of hundreds of pieces of equipment per building, from the condenser fans on the roof to the central chiller plant in the basement.


Tenant Submeters

We integrate with nearly every digital submeter on the market, regardless of reading type, and can install digital utility submetering where necessary.


IoT Sensors

We deploy targeted IoT data collection packages to track specific issues and add context to equipment performance data.

IoT Sensors

Building Management Systems

We integrate with Modbus and BACnet-enabled BMS to add more context to our optimization insights. We do not provide cloud-based controls to minimize the cyber security risks.

Better Data = Better Insights


The Enertiv Platform

A single platform to manage and streamline every workflow related to building operations.


Client Success

Our building performance experts ensure that you’re hitting your goals and maximizing the value of your data.