Enertiv Sets You Up for Success

Our experienced building performance experts keep an eye on your data around the clock to ensure you're hitting your goals and gaining the maximum value from our system.

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Eyes On Your Data

We complement the automated notifications from the platform with a team of building performance experts that ensure your assets are running smoothly around the clock.

Live Support

Our client success team is always available, via phone or live chat, to answer questions and provide feedback around identifying waste, designing initiatives, and using the platform.

Insights Reviews

Our client success experts take a deep dive into your data quarterly to identify and quantify operational changes and capital investments initiatives beyond the automated insights within the platform.


We work with each stakeholder to learn about your goals and ensure they have everything they need to be successful.

Data-Driven Services

Our client success team works with our partner network to streamline your energy management processes such as audits, compliance and certifications.

Adoption Tracking

Understand how your team is engaging with Enertiv on an ongoing basis and devise strategies to drive adoption and surface value.