The EnertivTwo is the most advanced device available for capturing equipment performance data

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Why the EnertivTwo is a Game Changer

Capturing performance data at the equipment level used to be prohibitively expensive. Not only this, but many devices require power shutdowns to install and IT teams to network to the cloud.

The EnertivTwo costs 80% less than comparable devices and is easy to install, enabling us to quickly capture significantly more data than previously possible.

Game Changer

Key Benefits 


More Data, Lower Cost

The EnertivTwo costs 80% less than comparable devices that can capture data from up to 42 circuits per panel.


Easy Installation

Installation does not require rewiring or power shutdowns and the electric sub meter device connects to a dedicated cellular network to avoid waiting on IT.



The EnertivTwo can perform energy tracking on main feeds, distribution panels, or individual subpanels.


Edge Computing

The EnertivTwo can perform HVAC analytics and identify equipment issues at the source using more granular data than could ever be transmitted to the cloud.