Protocols Enertiv Supports

  • Modbus (RTU/TCP)
  • Pulse
  • BACnet (MSTP/IP)
  • FTP (Pull/Push)
  • Itron ERT Protocol
  • 802.15 Based Protocols
  • Emon Dmon

Electric Submeter Integrations

Enertiv's CRE submetering platform can securely pull data from a range of remotely-read meters.


Models: BFM-136, EM-133, BFMII

Satec meters are used in multifamily and office buildings. The instrument fits into existing panel boards or are flush mounted nearby.

E-mon D-Mon

Models: Class 2000, Class 3200, Class 3400, Class 5000

The E-Mon D-Mon meters are low-cost electronic meters for monitoring electrical usage in commercial and industrial facilities.


Models: Powerhawk 4000 Series, Powerhawk 6000 Series

Triacta's smart meters are used to monitor remote loads in multifamily, commercial and industrial buildings.


Models: Acuvim Series, AcuRev Series

Accuenergy's quality engineered energy submeter provide a simple robust solution for power monitoring, power quality analysis, kWh metering and system integration.

Continental Controls

Models: Wattnode Series

Wattnode revenue meters are designed for use in any application requiring revenue-grade accuracy and requirements.

Vision Metering

Models: Evolution LTE, XT-E, XT-UL, XT, ST, LT

Vision Metering offers fully loaded kWh meters compatible with multiple AMI solutions.


Models: Centron Series, Sentinel Series

Itron provides solid-state, polyphase electricity meters for the commercial and industrial markets.


Models: Mini-Meter Series, Series 8000

Leviton meters are designed to provide a simple and effective process for accurately capturing measurements and power consumption.

Schneider Electric

Models: PM5000, ION6200, EM3500, EM4200, PM3000

Schneider Electric provides compact, versatile meters for energy cost and basic network management applications.


Models: Power Xpert Series

Eaton combines state-of-the-art technology diagnostics, waveform capture, data trending and performance benchmarking.

IoT Sensor Integrations

Enertiv can incorporate pull data from a range of Building Internet of Things sensors.

Leak Detection

Sample Makes: Honeywell

Track when leaks are detected or the temperature drops below a threshold.

Temperature Sensors

Sample Makes: Dwyer, Seeed

Temperature sensors can be placed throughout a property to track tenant spaces and/or mechanical equipment.

Humidity Sensors

Sample Makes: Dwyer, Seeed

Humidity sensors can be deployed to track the indoor air quality of a property to ensure tenant comfort.

Carbon Dioxide

Sample Makes: Honeywell

Decision making abilities decrease at 1,000 ppm of CO2. Track levels to ensure proper ventilation and tenant health.


Occupancy sensors track building occupants in each room to help optimize HVAC systems and other indoor environmental conditions.

Flow Sensors

Sample Makes: Onicon System, Micronics

Track the flow of various output such as BTUs, steam, gas or water.