We Collect Better Data. Period.

We identify the lowest cost strategy to reliably capture the data needed to deliver valuable insights. Whether that's our hardware, our partner's hardware, or existing sources, we do whatever it takes to quickly capture the most impactful data.

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Our Focus

More Data

We deploy and integrate with whichever sensors are best to get the job done.

Speed of Install

Installation generally takes 1–2 days and does not require any disruption to normal operations. 


We keep installation costs to a few cents per square foot to maximize ROI. 

The Process

Day 1


Our proprietary survey app helps us capture more information about your buliding in less time.

1–2 Days


We quickly take 3D scans of mechanical rooms and install sensors throughout your building without any disruption to tenants or normal operations.

2 Weeks


We collect baseline data for two weeks. During period, we train your team on how to use the platform with a focus on their specific goals.


Insights & Client Success

Our platform begins identifying money-saving insights after only two weeks. Going forward, our client success team takes a deeper dive into your data to find additional optimizations.

Data Sources we capture

Critical Equipment

Enertiv deploys sensors to track every critical piece of equipment:

- Chillers
- Boilers
- Elevators
- Motors
- Pumps
- Fans
- Cogen Units
- Air Handlers
- A/C Units
- Fan Coil Units

IoT Sensors

Enertiv deploys targeted IoT sensors to track specific faults and conditions:

- Leak Detection
- Breaker Trips
- Frozen Pipes
- Tank Levels
- Boiler Optimization
- Air Quality Issues
- Space Temperature Optimization
- Occupancy Optimization

Existing Sources

Enertiv captures data from any existing source with an open protocol:

- Building management systems 
- Electric meters
- Water meters
- Gas meters
- Submetering infrastructure

Why We Use The Enertiv Two Sensor

Enertiv's software can integrate data from hundreds of sensor and meter types. We often use the EnertivTwo because it enables us to capture more data at a lower cost than any other device on the market.


More Data, Lower Cost

The EnertivTwo costs less per equipment end point than any meter available today.


The EnertivTwo can be connected to main feeds, distribution panels, or individual subpanels.

Easy Installation

Installation does not require rewiring or shutdowns and connects to dedicated cellular networks to avoid waiting on IT teams.

Edge Computing

The EnertivTwo can identify equipment issues at the source using more granular data than could ever be trasmitted to the cloud.

Protocols We Utilize







Third Party Integrations

Our software integrates with every openly-accessible meter on the market and a wide range of IoT sensors.

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