The Enertiv Survey App

We leverage a mobile app designed in-house to streamline the building survey process and improve scalability of the Enertiv Platform.


Streamlining the Survey Process

Enertiv’s value comes from capturing a unique data set for your assets leveraging sensor data.

In order to develop a scope of work that captures the important data streams for the lowest cost possible, a survey of the assets must be performed.

We leverage technology to streamline this process, allowing on-site teams to survey their assets and us to generate proposals in record time.


Key Benefits 

Non-sensor Data

Non-sensor Data

The Enertiv Survey App captures critical nameplate information and transmits it to the cloud so it can be incorporated into analytics.

Fast Surveys

Faster Surveys

The Enertiv Survey App significantly speeds up the time necessary to perform surveys.

System Relationships

System Relationships

The Enertiv Survey App enables users to easily map the relationships between systems to maximize the impact of the survey.



On-site operators can follow the simple instructions to perform comprehensive building surveys.