Asset Performance Analytics + API

Build a foundation of data to unlock additional services and revenue streams


Unprecedented Transparency into Physical Assets

There are dozens of point solutions available to digitize and/or collect real-time information about various building systems.

But in order to achieve true transparency that can reduce risk, eliminate waste in operating expenses, and inform CapEx decision making, a more holistic approach is necessary.

Enertiv has expertise in capturing every important piece of information about buildings and making that available in an intuitive and actionable way.



The Enertiv Platform is designed to digest and visualize any data type relevant to physical assets.


Asset-level Data

Capture data from every critical system in your property.


User-friendly Analytics

Navigate assets quickly and easily through our CRE submetering platform to find the data you’re looking for.


Powerful Visualizations

Analyze data in a variety of ways to get a full understanding of what is happening in your assets.


Intuitive API

Build your own tools leveraging Enertiv’s easy-to-use API.


Key Benefits 

Digitize Infrastructure

Digitized Electrical & Mechanical Infrastructure

Deploy electric submetering to connect your physical infrastructure to the cloud.


Full Transparency Into Operating Conditions

Real-time data brings assets to anywhere in the world.

Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting

Automated reporting keeps you abreast of the performance of your portfolio.

Build Your Own Tools

Build Your Own Tools

Enertiv’s API makes it easy to build custom tools based on the data that we collect.