Optimize the Core of Your Assets

Enertiv’s asset intelligence solution streamlines O&M activities through intelligent notifications, reduces expenses with actionable insights, and enables data-driven capital investment decisions.

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Main Benefits

Enertiv AI streamlines everyday operations and eliminates waste in the largest and most controllable operating expenses.

Increase Net Present Value

Increase NPV of CapEx reserves by extending equipment life through more effective maintenance practices and better capital investment decisions.

Operating Expense Savings

Reduce total operating expenses by 5% on average through streamlined preventative maintenance, predictive fault detection, and actionable energy-saving insights.

Improve Accountability

Enertiv AI provides greater transparency for management and accountability for staff, vendors and services companies.

Maximize Tenant Comfort

Improving equipment uptime and preventing faults before they occur ensure that tenants remain healthy and comfortable.

MAIN Features

Optimized Preventative Maintenance

Ditch the clipboard and embrace a digital PM platform.

  • Mobile-accessible preventative maintenance schedule
  • Record and archive completed tasks 
  • Optimize schedules based on runtime hours
  • Dynamically prioritize tasks on the go

Real-time & Predictive Fault Detection

Continuous commissioning for each piece of equipment ensures that issues are resolved before tenants notice or asset degradation occurs.

  • Equipment failures
  • Short cycling
  • Excessive idle or runtime hours
  • Phase imbalance
  • Pipe Below Freezing
  • And more...

Actionable Insights

Enertiv AI uses machine learning to identify straight-forward opportunities to reduce energy costs.

  • Scheduling optimization
  • Balance point optimization
  • Peak demand shaving
  • Vampire load reduction
  • Retrofit recommendations
  • And more...

Automated Reporting

Quickly understand the performance of your assets, on-site teams, and third party vendors.

  • Activity report
  • Cost forecast report
  • Schedule analysis
  • Notification summary
  • And more...

Equipment-level Analysis

Leverage equipment-level data to drive better decision making

  • Equipment-level benchmarking
  • Automated measurement & verification
  • Regulation compliance verification
  • Vendor accountability
  • And more...