Automated Tenant Submetering

Enertiv’s automatic tenant billing solution utilizes remote meter readings to streamline the tenant submetering process and enable management to track cost recovery in real time.

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Main Benefits

Enertiv ATB automates tenant submetering using remote readings and analytics.

Cost Outlay Recovery

Ensure that submetering cost outlays are recovered quickly and at the maximum rate possible.

Eliminate Errors

Automate the entire process to eliminate the risk of human errors and tenant disputes.

Capture the Spread

Depending on local laws, submetering can enable owners to purchase utilities at wholesale rates and sell at retail rates.

Premium Tenant Experience

Optional tenant portal provides real-time transparency to tenants and comparisons to neighbors.

MAIN Features

Management Portal

Finally get transparency into where your money is going and how much you're recovering.

  • Real-time Cost Outlay Recovery
  • Recovery Rate Tracking
  • Utility Bill Archive
  • Tenant Bill Archive

Tenant Billing

Generate bills automatically and eliminate the potential for errors.

  • Automatically Generated Bills
  • White-labeled and Easy to Understand
  • Comparisons to Neighbors
  • Environmental Equivalencies

Utility Bill Tracking

Enertiv automatically records and archives all utility bills

  • Centralize Bill Archive
  • Both Supply and Delivery Bills
  • Quickly See Trends in Visualizations
  • Download Directly from Software

Optional: Manual Meter Reading App

If meters are not remotely readable, your team can use our app to streamline meter readings

  • Reduce Errors
  • Faster Readings
  • Live Alerts
  • Automated Reminders

Optional: Tenant Portal

One more way to provide a premium tenant experience. 

  • Real-time Consumption Information
  • Appliance-level Alerts
  • Comparisons to Neighbors
  • Mobile Experience