Data-driven Capital Investments

Performance ratings and a history of faults enables better decision making and reduces risk when buying or selling assets.


Bring Data to CapEx Decision Making

Unexpected large capital expenditures are the number one risk when operating, buying or selling a property.

Enertiv has captured four billion hours asset performance data, which can in turn be translated into insights about the remaining useful life of equipment and the true cost of operations.

These insights help asset managers make decisions based on actual and aggregated data, rather than rules of thumbs and assumptions.



The Enertiv Platform leverages the largest asset performance database in the industry to drive better CapEx decisions.


Maintenance and Repair History

Continuous equipment commissioning enables Enertiv to create a dynamic database of the cost of maintenance and repairs spent to keep systems operational.


Operating Cost Comparisons

Benchmark equipment based on its actual operating efficiency.


Holistic Performance Ratings

Enertiv has developed a standardized performance rating system to drive better decision making.


Automated Assessments

Use data to perform regular assessments of equipment health.


Key Benefits 

Capital Investments

Smooth Out Capital Investments Year-Over-Year

Use data to better understand when investments will need to be made to avoid “clustering” required CapEx in one year.

Decision Making

Make Better Purchasing Decisions

Use data to systematically determine whether equipment is okay, requires repairs or needs to be replaced.

Best Practices

Utilize Industry Best Practices

Enertiv’s proprietary performance ratings are based on four billion hours of machine data collected across the industry.

Operating Costs

Reduce Ongoing Operating Costs

Make investment decisions based on full life cycle operating costs.