Fault Detection

Real-time and predictive fault detection reduces equipment downtime and prevents the worst effects of leaks and other issues.


Detect Any Issue That Arises

There is a small window of opportunity between when an issue occurs and when the worst effects can be averted.


Faults We Detect

  • Equipment Failure

  • Pipe Leak / Frozen Pipe

  • HVAC / Lighting Schedule

  • Peak Demand

  • Phase Imbalance

  • Short Cycling

  • Heating When Warm

  • Cooling When Cold

  • Motor Belt Slip

  • Elevator Issues

  • Voltage Irregularities

  • And many moreā€¦

Faults We Detect

Key Benefits 

Reduction in Breakdowns

70% Reduction in Breakdowns

Reduction in Downtime

40% Reduction in Downtime

Extended Equipment Life

Extended Equipment Life


Activity Tracking & Accountability