Fault Detection

Automated fault detection and diagnostics improves equipment uptime and prevents the worst effects of leaks and other issues


A Proactive Approach to Repairs

Even with the most robust maintenance programs, unexpected issues are going to occur.

These issues cover a wide range of disruptive events such as elevator shutdowns, frozen pipes bursting, and fire alarms shutting down HVAC systems.

Enertiv’s Platform helps by immediately identifying when these events occur and notifying operators so that repairs can be made before tenants notice anything has happened.

Elevator Brake Problems.png


The Enertiv Platform has mapped dozens of real-world issues to data patterns to deliver actionable insights directly to operators in the field.


Real-time Fault Detection

Operators are notified the moment equipment breaks down.

Faults we detect:

  • Equipment Failure

  • Pipe Leak / Frozen Pipe

  • HVAC / Lighting Schedule

  • Peak Demand

  • Phase Imbalance

  • Short Cycling

  • Heating When Warm

  • Cooling When Cold

  • Motor Belt Slip

  • Elevator Issues

  • Voltage Irregularities

  • And many more…


Predictive Fault Detection

We have recorded four billion hours of asset performance data, which enables the platform to predict a number of equipment issues before they occur.


Sensor-based Fault Detection

We deploy a range of IoT sensors to track environmental issues such as leaks, frozen pipes, and poor indoor air quality.


Work Order Tracking

Streamline maintenance workflows and create an easily accessible archive.


Key Benefits 

Reduction in Breakdowns

Reduction in Breakdowns

Fault detection has been shown to reduce breakdowns by 70% over preventative maintenance alone.

Reduction in Downtime

Reduction in Downtime

Fault detection and diagnostics has been shown to reduce downtime by 40% over preventative maintenance alone.

Extended Equipment Life

Extended Equipment Life

The time it takes to resolve equipment issues makes a big difference in how much degradation occurs.


Activity Tracking & Accountability

With work order tracking, managers can be sure that issues were resolved by staff or outside vendors.