IoT Sensor Packages

Deploy targeted packages of sensors to track chronic issues and optimize building systems


Harnessing the Power of the IoT

The foundation of the Enertiv platform is built off of equipment performance data, which covers a large percentage of the issues and workflows that operators deal with.

But to fully digitize a property’s physical infrastructure, low-cost sensors can be deployed strategically to track a range of outputs.

These wireless sensors, whether for tracking temperature, air quality, flow, moisture, or movement, have been bundled to solve a range of chronic and expensive problems.


Sensor Packages

Enertiv has partnered with innovative real estate portfolios to develop a number of targeted sensor deployments.


Leak Detection

Our building maintenance software notifies operators the moment leaks occur to minimize damages.


Pipe Freeze Watch

Get notified when temperatures around plumbing infrastructure approach freezing to avoid pipe bursts.


Elevator Diagnostics

We deploy a range of IoT sensors to track elevator performance and diagnose chronic issues.


Boiler Optimization

We deploy a range of IoT sensors to track every input and output of boiler plants to find optimizations and deep savings.


Key Benefits 

Reduction in Breakdowns

Targeted Pain Point Solutions

Real Estate IoT sensors can be deployed to help diagnose and eliminate chronic issues with building systems.

Reduction in Downtime

Ongoing, Low Cost

Unlike hiring consultants, IoT sensor-based solutions work 24/7 and continue to track the problem after it’s initially solved.

Extended Equipment Life

Comprehensive Data

Building IoT sensors are the perfect compliment to foundations of data based on equipment performance through electrical power draw.


Activity Tracking & Accountability

With work order tracking, managers can be sure that issues were resolved by staff or outside vendors.