Human Error: Manual Tenant Submetering Transcription Mistake


$16,000 billing discrepancy.

The Background

The input for the submeter total was written down as 358,679 kWh instead of 258,679 kWh, meaning that the tenant was billed for 100,628 kWh instead of the correct amount of 628 kWh. This produced a bill of $16,537 - over $15,800 higher than what the tenant was supposed to be charged.

At the time, Enertiv was running automatic checks between the bills generated by Enertiv from cloud-based meter readings and the bills generated by the incumbent provider from manual meter readings. This process is called “shadow billing,” a common process when switching submeter providers.

The system flagged the discrepancy between the two bills and the error was discovered upon further investigation.

In this case, the error was made by the meter reader at the point of collection. But manual meter readings recreate multiple opportunities for human error to occur. This can lead to frustration and a negative experience when the tenant is overcharged or a loss in revenue recovery from submetering if the tenant is undercharged.

Tenant disputes also have a high administration cost when the submetering infrastructure is manual. The time spent sorting through paper records, excel documents, and other sources can lengthen the resolution process and cause further frustration for tenants. 


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Comly Wilson