Quantifying Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)



Brought mean time to repair (MTTR) down from 124 days to under 10

The Background

To quantify maintenance performance for comparison across the portfolio and against industry averages, Enertiv quantified the time it takes for on-site operators and/or maintenance vendors to bring systems back online after a failure occurs. This metric helped identify chronic maintenance problems manifested as part of the building’s “standard” operating procedures (SOPs).

The Solution

Enertiv helped the client incorporate real-time fault detection notifications into the workflow of the third-party maintenance vendors and on-site operators. Enertiv’s fault detection solution has a built-in acknowledgement and feedback system for notifications that enabled operations managers to keep track of maintenance work.


The MTTR metrics for the portfolio improved dramatically after the shift in focus to dynamic responses to equipment faults. Instead of waiting for the predetermined schedule to dictate when repairs were made in large batches, the process for getting systems back online started as soon as the equipment broke down.


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Comly Wilson