June 22, 2017 | Brian Maw

Building Operations Management transparency in Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate Transparency

Building Performance From the Roof to the Basement

Fan belts break, and when they do, tenant complaints follow. Tracking exhaust fan performance in real time and receiving notifications as soon as problems are detected will keep your tenants happy and healthy.

Instead of hiring meter readers to manually take readings and manage utility submetering, perform the same functions more quickly, accurately and at a lower cost.

Track average trip time, trips per day and the power consumption of the motors to identify poorly performing elevators before they break. Schedule routine maintenance during off hours instad of resorting to emergency repairs.

Identify when a building reaches its highest level of demand and get actionable insights on precisely what to do to reduce spikes.

Equipment schedules get changed, both intentionally and by accident. The next time a chiller is operating after hours, correct the problem well before the next scheduled maintenance visit and save thousands of dollars.