What is Energy Analytics?


Energy analytics is the use of sophisticated software and algorithms to track energy consumption and deliver insights for reduction.

Why it Matters

The simplest source of energy data is a building's utility meter. Most building automation systems (BAS) already pick up meters as data points and can export consumption data in standard formats, e.g., via BACnet to an analytics application. For buildings without a BAS, a router or data logger can access data and communicate to systems over the Internet or building networks.

Today, more sophisicated meters and building monitoring systems can derive energy analytics from indiivdual pieces of equipment in real time. This increased granularty, both with shorter intervals and more specific loads, has made energy analytics an indispensible tool in building operations management.

As algorithms are fed more aggregate data, energy analytics can be used to predict equipment failures and identify difficult to diagnose problems, such as short cycling.

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