Enertiv Delivers

unprecedented visibility and drives NOI growth by reducing operating expenses and capital expenditures.


The Enertiv Difference


Our focus is on providing the fastest ROI in the industry through low costs, intuitive smart building solutions, and a client success team of data scientists and building engineers


Better Data

We are not constrained to the data from existing systems. We capture a unique data set with building IoT sensors and digitized system documentation.


Single Platform

We deliver actionable insights to each stakeholder involved in building operations, from the boardroom to the boiler room.


Client Success

We provide a team of data scientists and building engineers to ensure that you gain the most valuable possible.


Our Solutions

The Enertiv Platform is modular suite of solutions that can be delivered individually, but are most powerful as a whole.


Enertiv AI (Asset Intelligence)

Data-driven insights to drive building performance, tailored to each stakeholder involved in building operations.


Enertiv ATB (Automatic Tenant Billing)

Streamlined tenant submeter solutions and real-time transparency into cost recovery.


The Enertiv Advantage

We deliver our platform with two fundamental assumptions:

  1. The platform is only as powerful as the data it’s built on

  2. The innovation journey in commercial real estate deserves a personal touch


Better Data

We identify the lowest cost strategy to reliably capture the data needed to deliver valuable insights, whether that’s from our devices, our partners’ sensors, or existing sources.


Client Success

We assign a team of data scientists and building engineers to take an active role in ensuring that insights are uncovered, implemented, and reported.


Recent Case Studies