Connect the Dots From Onboarding to Success

Our dedicated team of data scientist and building engineers work to ensure you’re hitting your goals and gaining the maximum value from our platform.


How We Ensure Success

We understand that the best technology is the one you use.

That’s why we provide each client with a dedicated client success team made up of data scientists and building engineers.

From onboarding each member of your team, to following-up to make sure recommendations are being implemented, to quantifying results, we are not just another service provider, we are a partner to our clients and an extension of their teams.


Our Approach

  1. Unlimited Training

We establish a working relationship with all of the stakeholders relevant to building operations. In addition to an initial onboarding meeting, we happily train each new user on the platform for their specific role.

Quarterly Reports

2. Quarterly Reviews

Four review meetings are conducted over the course of the year to assess how the recommendations and insights are being incorporated into operations. As weather changes and more data populates in the platform, Enertiv uncovers additional cost-saving opportunities.


3. Alerts Follow-ups & Customization

Along with the automated fault detection and diagnostics, our client success team carefully reviews each notification and follows up on the ones that require immediate attention. If unique pain points are identified, we work with you to setup custom alerts

Ongoing Alerts
Innovation Partnership

4. Innovation Partnership

Our platform is continuously evolving through close collaboration with our clients.

We work to understand your pain points and develop data-driven solutions to solve them. Because we’re doing this with the top operators in the industry, the platform rapidly improves, to the benefit of all.




Eyes On Your Data

We complement the automated notifications from the platform with a team of building performance experts that ensure your assets are running smoothly around the clock.


Live Support

Our client success team is always available, via phone or live chat, to answer questions and provide feedback around identifying waste, designing initiatives, and using the platform.


Custom Reports

Our client success experts take a deep dive into your data to identify and quantify HVAC scheduling optimizations and capital investments initiatives beyond the automated insights within the platform.


Process Review

Enertiv's client success team helps develop and optimized data-driven real estate maintenance strategies and other processes.