Enertiv AI

drives meaningful cost reductions by bringing visibility to every system and delivering actionable insights tailored to each stakeholder involved in building operations.


The Power of Asset Intelligence

Most commercial real estate properties have limited transparency into their real-time operating costs and forecasted capital expenditures.

The data that does exist is not actionable and oftentimes “trapped” in the buildings themselves.

This lack of transparency leads to inefficiencies and waste that ultimately limit asset value.


A Solution for Every Stakeholder

Enertiv AI streamlines operational workflows from the boardroom to the boiler room.


Full Portfolio Transparency for Owners and Asset Managers

Understand the costs of running your portfolio at a glance. Dynamically triage your assets by where the most waste is occurring based on standardized metrics and data-driven forecasts.

Enertiv 360 Analytics

Virtual Environment for Operations Managers

Enertiv 360 embeds real-time data and digitized documentation into a detailed replica of every critical system in a building to enable experienced operators to troubleshoot issues from anywhere.


Mobile App for On-site Operators and Third-party Vendors

Enertiv delivers an optimized list of real estate maintenance activities to perform each day as well as real-time notifications for when unexpected issues arise.


Actionable Energy Insights for Sustainability Teams

Enertiv’s continuous commissioning delivers actionable recommendations, quantifies results, and automatically performs M&V.


Custom Sensor Packages

Enertiv AI is built on a foundation of equipment-level performance data. To supplement this, Enertiv deploys a range of customer sensor packages.

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Chronic Issues

Enertiv deploys sensors to track and proactively notify operators of chronic issues such as leaks, frozen pipes and electrical fires.


Equipment Optimization

In addition to the standard performance metrics, Enertiv has custom sensor packages to fully optimized specific systems such as elevators or boilers.


Key Benefits 

Maintenance Savings

Maintenance Savings

Enertiv AI reduces maintenance costs by 12–17% on average by streamlining processes, speeding up resolutions, and improving accountability

Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Enertiv AI reduces energy costs 8–12% on average by identifying low and no-cost optimizations.

CapEx Reserve Reductions

CapEx Reserve Reductions

Enertiv AI extends the lifetime of equipment, allowing asset managers to lower reserve requirements by 8% on average.

Tenant Retention

Tenant Retention

Enertiv AI ensures that issues are resolved before tenants notice, ensuring that their experience is safe, healthy and trouble-free


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