Enertiv 360

Leverage real-time sensor data and digitized documentation embedded directly into detailed replicas of mechanical rooms.


A Live Digital Replica of Every Asset

Managers and engineers of cannot be everywhere at once.

While there are some services that take 3D scans of building interiors, there is no other digital twin technology that embeds real-time analytics directly into the experience.

Beyond the equipment-level analytics, Enertiv 360 maintains an archive of maintenance and repair tickets and can serve as a digital documentation repository for the property.



Enertiv 360 has been developed in close collaboration with the most innovative real estate portfolios in the industry.


Remote Access

See what’s happening in your assets, no matter where you are. Navigate using:

  • Floor plans

  • Electrical riser diagrams

  • Mechanical riser diagrams

  • Plumbing riser diagrams


Embedded Performance Data

Pull up real-time performance data and operating conditions for any piece of equipment.


Digitized Documentation

Download digitized documentation, including:

  • O&M manuals

  • Spec sheets

  • Vendor contact info

  • Maintenance schedule

  • And much more…


Maintenance & Fault History

The HVAC monitoring software maintains a maintenance and repair history for each piece of equipment.


Key Benefits 

Full Transparency for Managers

Full Transparency for Managers

Operations managers can remotely log in to any of their assets to understand what is happening on site in real time.

Reduced Travel Time

Reduced Travel Time

Experienced operators can troubleshoot issues remotely to save the cost and time spent traveling between assets.

Maintenance Alerts

Maintenance Alerts

Hold your vendors accountable by knowing exactly when they are performing maintenance and verifying it has been done correctly

Central Documentation Repository

Central Documentation Repository

Story O&M manuals, spec sheets and other documentation in the digital twin for each piece of equipment.


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