Operational Business Intelligence

For the first time, owners and asset managers can see how their portfolio is performing from an operational perspective and get empirical forecasts.


A Smart Building Platform for Owners

Few owners or asset managers have access to the real-time costs of operating their portfolio, or empirical forecasts of those costs in the future.

Enertiv leverages sensor data to deliver unprecedented transparency and visualize information in a digestible building performance analysis dashboard.



The Enertiv Platform enables owners and asset managers to do their job faster and more effectively.


Executive Dashboard

Quickly triage your portfolio to understand which regions or properties are under performing. Easily segment by property type, building characteristics, region, and performance.


Standardized Performance Ratings

Understand your building performance based on a variety of metrics based on sensor data, including: Mean time to repair (MTTR), mean time between failure (MTBF), energy savings vs potential, and forecasted equipment reserves vs budgeted, etc.

Data-driven CapEx Forecasts
Standardized Operational Metrics

Data-driven CapEx Forecasts

Enertiv pulls from the largest asset performance database in the industry to make accurate predictions about equipment useful life and associated CapEx requirements.


Automated Reporting

The Enertiv Platform delivers continuous commissioning and delivers regular reports on the activity performed on site to improve accountability.

Enertiv App

Key Benefits 


Smooth Out CapEx Year-Over-Year

Use data to better understand when investments will need to be made to avoid “clustering” required CapEx in one year.

Make Better Decisions

Make Better Decisions

Use utility management solutions data to dynamically triage your portfolio to understand where to make investments and focus efforts.

Best Practices

Utilize Industry Best Practices

Enertiv’s proprietary performance ratings are based on five billion hours of asset performance data collected across the industry.

Forecast Operating Costs

Forecast Operating Costs

Shake out portfolio risk by getting an empirical understanding of where operating expenses are expected to go in the near future.


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