How We Work with You

Our Technology

An live look at Enertiv's Building Diagnostics & Operations Management Platform

Enertiv AI — Asset Intelligence

  • Real-time and predictive fault detection
  • Machine learning to drive ongoing insights
  • Conditions-based maintenance notifications
  • Detailed performance reports
  • Tools and visualizations for every role

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An example of Enertiv's tenant submetering solutions and billing management technology

Enertiv ATB – Automatic Tenant Billing

  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Faster cash recovery & billables tracking
  • Integration with accounting and property management systems
  • Real-time management portal
  • Tenant engagement tools

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The EnertivTwo provides real time data to the Operations Performance System

EnertivTwo Meter

  • Track every piece of equipment and tenant space in a building
  • Easy installation (no power shutdown)
  • Plug & play cellular connectivity
  • Complete installation takes one to two days

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