A graph showing how continuous commissioning and predictive analytics can help building operators

Conditions-based Maintenance

  • Perform maintenance only when performance drops
  • Extend equipment life and avoid costly capital expenditures
  • Prioritize maintenance activites with more confidence
  • Implement continuous building commissioning software
  • Reduce unnecessary preventative maintenance activities
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Intelligent Notifications

On-site staff and management are notified immediately via email and/or SMS when an equipment issue is detected, often before complete failure occurs.

Reports going to building operations managers

Detailed, Customizable Reporting for Every Role

  • Receive reports on notifications that have been triggered across a portfolio
  • Review scheduling report to identify which equipment is running off schedule
  • Performance summary, peak demand, and cost forecasting reports
  • Portfolio-wide benchmarking

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Display of an equipment schedule and related consumption

Equipment Scheduling

  • Machine-learning algorithms infer a schedule based on operating hours and usage
  • Identify which systems are running off schedule
  • Determine how much scheduling inefficiencies are costing you
  • Calculate how much can be saved by making the appropriate adjustments.
Highlights of which equipment services are contributing to peak demand

Peak Demand Power Monitoring

  • Identify when a building reaches its highest level of demand
  • Pinpoint exactly which pieces of equipment are contributing most to your peak
  • Know when you are approaching a new peak
  • Get actionable insights on precisely what to do to reduce spikes
Enertiv can integrate with sensors for gas, water, steam, occupancy, temperature, and much more

Third-Party Meters & Sensors

  • Incorporate existing water, gas and steam meters into analysis
  • Pull occupancy, temperature and air quality sensor data to add context to insights
  • Enertiv integrates with nearly every third-party meter and sensor on the market
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