Mobile and desktop web app for tenant's to view their utility submetering usage and billing

Tenant Engagement Portal

Provide tenants with an intuitive and white labeled portal to expose real-time data about their energy consumption and forecasts

  • Market a premium tenant experience
  • Create a tenant engagement channel
  • Eliminate billing disagreements
  • Encourage energy savings
CRE submetering platform for office and multifamily buildings

Automatic Billing

Invoices are automatically generate as soon as the billing period ends.

  • Speed up cost outlay recovery
  • Reduce admin time preparing invoices
  • Make bill paying easy and predictable for tenants
  • Avoid human errors and discrepancies

Water Submeter Billing

Enertiv utilizes pulse outputs to digitize water submetering data.

  • Reduce meter reading costs
  • Eliminate inaccuracies
  • Speed up data collection time
  • Minimize overall utility spend
Highlights of which equipment can be shifted to achieve peak demand reduction

Utility Bill Tracking

Centralize both supply and delivery bills for electricity, water, and gas in one place.

  • Reduce admin time retrieving utility bills
  • Digitize utility bill storage
  • Export bills for easy sharing
  • Manage cashflow more effectively