Enertiv does more than just energy tracking

IoT Sensor Integration

The falling costs and improving precision of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors enables Enertiv to affordably turn any building into a "smart" building. By continusouly tracking occupancy rates, space temperature, moisture & leaks, weather and indoor air quality, tenant comfort can be managed proactively.

Utility Meters

In addition to electricity, pull in utility cost and consumption data for water, gas and steam meters to get more robust insights into performance.

BTU Meters

Add data from BTU meters to track and measure chilled water usage. This ensures that energy is being used intelligently and efficiently.

Moisture & Branch Water Sensors

Real time moisture and branch water tracking enables you to detect leaks the moment they occur. Correcting the problem early can save thousands in damages.

Steam Condensate Meters

Pulling in data from steam condensate meters can provide valuable insights into steam usage and provide opportunities to be more efficient when consumption increases.

Local Weather Data

Detailed local weather data including temperature and humidity allows you to weather normalize your analyses and get more accurate insights into performance.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality sensors track humidity, VOCs and carbon dioxide to help ensure your tenants stay healthy. Getting notified before tenants notice the issue can help avoid costly tenant vacancies.

Space Temperature

Track the temperature of tenant spaces to ensure that any deviance from the norm can be addressed quickly. Reduce the amount of hot/cold calls and map the problem to specific equipment issues in real time.

Steam Traps

Monitor steam traps in real time to ensure that everything is running properly and there are no issues with releasing steam. Fixing issues with steam traps can help avoid thousands in collateral damage to adjacent systems.


Track the occupancy rates of your building to further refine equipment scheduling and maintenance strategies. This will enable you to run your equipment more efficiently and further reduce costs.

Third Party Integrations

Enertiv's Operations Performance System integrates with leading meter, sensor and data acquisition solutions