Streamline Your Operations & Maintenance

Maintenance in many portfolios relies on clipboards and is reactive to issues that have already occurred. Enertiv reduces maintenance spend by up to 20% by digitizing physical spaces and modernizing the approach to O&M.

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Our Solutions

Reduce resolution times by remotely logging in to assets and pulling up real-time performance data and digitized documentation. 

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Data Sources We Utilize

Critical Equipment

Enertiv deploys sensors to track every critical piece of equipment:

- Chillers
- Boilers
- Elevators
- Motors
- Pumps
- Fans
- Cogen Units
- Air Handlers
- A/C Units
- Fan Coil Units

IoT Sensors

Enertiv deploys targeted IoT sensors to track specific issues for operators:

- Leak Detection
- Breaker Trips
- Frozen Pipes
- Tank Levels
- Flow Issues
- Pressure
- Air Quality

Existing Sources

Enertiv captures data from any existing source with an open protocol:

- Building management systems 
- Electric meters
- Water meters
- Gas meters