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Energy Monitoring

You can't manage what you don't measure, and we're experts in getting you the energy data and the insights you need to operate more efficiently.

100% Energy Transparency

Our EnertivTwo meter is designed to be versatile. We can capture usage data at every level. This includes building-level, floor-level, room-level, and even equipment-level data.

Real-Time Energy Data

Our meters take thousands of readings per second. The data is cloud-hosted, so you can view and analyze your building energy usage remotely. This approach gives us the ability to provide powerful insights and real-time, energy saving recommendations.

Enertiv Platform

We've built the most innovative energy data and analytics solution on the market and made it affordable for buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Enertiv App

Engage tenants by showing them their energy usage on an individual level. Providing personalized tips encourages continuous tenant engagement and good energy practices.

Enertiv Dashboard

Showcase your commitment to sustainability with interactive building dashboards. They serve as a central information hub for your building's occupants, providing real-time energy, weather, news, maps and traffic information.

Energy Audit Report

You'd be amazed with what you can see with the data that comes out of your utility meter. We break down your total building consumption into its various equipment groups and pinpoint inefficiencies. We make sense of your buildings' usage patterns, providing practical energy efficiency recommendations and a clear path to savings.

Meet the EnertivTwo

The world's smartest energy monitoring device.

Enertiv Platform Demo

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