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Alleywatch names Enertiv

one of the hottest connected devices startups in NYC

NYU Sustainability

Enertiv awarded Green Grant from NYU's Sustainability Dept.

R/GA and Techstars

Announces 10 startups selected for connected devices accelerator

Educational and commercial buildings waste 30% of their energy.

Our utility companies aren’t doing their part to help us understand our usage. So we took matters into our own hands. Now you can too.

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The Enertiv Solution


Understand your energy use down to the outlet and appliance.


Get personalized feedback on how to be more efficient.


Money and energy—instantly. Good for you, good for the planet.

Breaking down energy use in simple,
visual ways.

Articulating peaks and patterns at the equipment level, in real time—while adjusting feedback for factors like weather and occupancy.

Empowering each individual and taking control.

Enertiv analyzes usage and works with you to actively engage your students or employees in energy conservation.

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