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With the EnertivTwo, collecting energy data has never been easier. It mounts beside your breaker boxes and uses split-core current transformers to monitor every circuit breaker inside the panel.

Installation takes less than two hours, without any rewiring or power interruptions.

"Seeing it in action is enough to make you wonder why these analytics haven’t been around much longer"

BetaBeat, March 2014

$500 / EnertivTwo

Designed to monitor a full breaker panel (42 circuits). Sensors included.

Software starts at $10 / device / month

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Meet the EnertivEMS, the next generation data platform.

The Energy Monitoring Suite is your energy headquarters. Check your current energy usage in real-time, set goals and alerts, and monitor your progress.


Breaking down energy use in simple, visual ways.

Articulating peaks and patterns at the equipment level, in real time—while adjusting feedback for factors like weather and occupancy.

Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Online Platform

Synchronized and always available

Targeted Data

Detailed, researched and user-tested

Smart Community

Expert advice paired with client experience

Portfolio Management

View multiple properties all in one place


Compare your facility with similar buildings

Alert Generation

Programmable for every monitored circuit

Progress Tracking

Evaluate effectiveness of your energy strategy

Anomaly Detection

Identify unusual energy usage patterns at your facility

Usage Forcasting

Using key variables like weather and occupancy

Empowering individuals to take action

Enertiv analyzes usage and works with you to actively engage your students or employees in energy conservation.


“We believe that Enertiv's affordable technology and approach addresses two significant barriers to scaling energy efficiency: 1) real-time monitoring that will impact the behavior of both systems and people; and 2) verification of projected energy savings that will facilitiate the financing of energy efficiency measures.”

—Jay Orfild, The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

100% Energy Transparency

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability
to your team and your clients.

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