No Building Left Behind Series: Industrial

No Building Left Behind Series: Industrial Warehouse

Industrial real estate has quickly become one of the hottest segments in commercial real estate. Driven by the rise of e-commerce, industrial assets, particularly distribution centers, are in more demand than ever before. In the past five years, warehouse construction spending increased 29% annually, as opposed to the previous 19 years, when it rose 1% annually.

With e-commerce growing by 15% every year in the US, today’s investors are willing to pay a premium for both class-A and class-B industrial assets because they are getting higher returns than other sectors. In 2018, annual ROI for industrial assets averaged 14%, doubling the ROI for office (7%) and multifamily properties (6%). Despite the tremendous rate of growth, online sales only make up 10% of all retail, suggesting that there’s more room to run.

This white paper covers:

  1. Verifying Lease Terms are Upheld

  2. Retrofit as a Service Model

  3. Space Utilization Insights

  4. Shaking Out Due Diligence Risk


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