Our Solutions

Enertiv uses granular, real-time data to optimize every aspect of your building operations.

Maintenance Optimization

Real-time and predictive fault detection are sent via intelligent notifications to operators in real time.

Energy Savings

Automated insights optimize equipment scheduling, set points, and peak demand load shifting.

Tenant Submetering

Completely automate tenant submeter billing and track cost outlay recovery in real time.

Indoor Environment

Deploy low-cost IoT sensors to track issues such as leaks, poor indoor air quality, and circuit breaker trips.

Capital Investments

Leverage granular data to generate equipment-level benchmarking and make data-driven decisions around retrofit proposals.

Custom Reports

Enertiv's client success team builds customized reports to identify specific insights, optimizations, and proposals.

Recent Blog Posts

July 11, 2018 | Connell McGill
This article originally appeared on Buildings.com

A shift is needed from the “art” of intuition, assumptions and rules of thumb to the “science” of empirical evidence driving statistically significant conclusions.

Fortunately, the Internet of Things (IoT) has unlocked the potential to collect real-time empirical data about the individual components that make up a physical infrastructure of buildings.

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July 10, 2018 | Comly Wilson
This article originally appeared in Connected RE Magazine

Recently, Enertiv raised $4.3 million in a round of funding from investors like Fifth Wall and Rudin Ventures to accelerate technology development and growth of installations around the country.

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