More Data

We don't rely on existing data streams, we deploy meters and sensors to affordably track every piece of equipment in a building.

Office & Multifamily Focus

Our platform is tailored to the equipment and personnel found in office and multifamily portfolios.

Action Oriented

We deliver what is needed, to the right people, at the right time, wherever they happen to be.

Client Success

Our dedicated client success managers onboard your team, and connect regularly to ensure continued success.

Who We Serve in Commercial Real Estate Portfolios


Get real-time information on the costs associated with operating each property across your portfolio and embrace best-in-class PropTech.

Building Operators

Get intelligent notifications to ensure your team is on top of building operations issues.

Chief Engineers

Get system configuration insights around lead lag, startup times, peak load shifting, and more.

Property Managers

Reduce hot/cold calls and engage tenants with mobile tools displaying their real-time submetering data.

Asset Managers

Maintain occupancy rates and reduce operating costs to hedge against vacancies.

Sustainability Executives

Full building monitoring system to achieve measurable sustainability reductions and generate custom reports.