Why Enertiv

More Experience

Our platform, Enertiv OPS, has been developed since 2011 in close collaboration with real estate owner-operators, and with the insights gathered from nearly 3 billion hours of machine data.

Value Creation

We create roughly $12 per square foot of asset value by reducing operating expenses by 7% on average.

Backed by the Best

Our investors are leading real estate technology VCs like Fifth Wall and MetaProp and owner-operators like Rudin Management.

Comprehensive Solution

We deliver value from the boardroom to the boiler room with easy-to-use software tailored to the various stakeholders involved in building operations.

Recent Blog Posts

November 13, 2018 | Comly Wilson

The rise of coworking is having some obvious effects that are making real estate companies adapt. However, it is the underlying effects to real estate fundamentals that have gone unnoticed by many in the space.

Issues such as "shadow supply" means that owners and operators have to think differently about their asset management.

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November 7 | Derek Cedarbaum

The best real estate companies in the world are thinking aren't just adopting technology in a vacuum, they understand that technological capabilities must go hand-in-hand with organizational change to be effective.

In this video, Derek Cedarbaum, explains the non-linear symbiotic relationship between technology and the organization.

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