Enertiv serves everyone in real estate organizations, from the mechanical room to the board room.

Fill Every Data Gap

Enertiv's PropTech solution captures data from equipment and tenant spaces in uninstrumented buildings and systems not in the scope of a BMS.

Intelligent Notifications

Actionable insights are triggered for your team as soon as an equipment faults or performance drift is detected.

Actionable Insights

The building monitoring system automatically identifies cost-saving "insights" to optimize performance and reduce operating costs.

Tenant Submetering

Completely automate tenant submeter billing and track revenue recovery in real time.

Utility Bill Management

Digitize utility bills automatically to streamline benchmarketing, reporting and record keeping.

Custom Reporting

Smart reports let management quickly understand if the performance of each building in a portfolio is trending up or down.

Recent Blog Posts

June 15 | Derek Cedarbaum

HVAC systems are oversized by 25% on average. Whether it's new development or a retrofit, capital investments are risky, long-term decisions.

In this video, Derek Cedarbaum explains why equipment-level benchmarking will remove this risk and facilitate data-driven decision making for equipment purchases.

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June 4 | Comly Wilson

when it comes to building operations, even when information is collected and made remotely available, it doesn’t necessarily make its way to the people who can act on it, which is just as important as having meaningful data in the first place.

As real estate companies craft data strategies, how can they ensure the right information gets to the right people at the right time, so they can act on it?

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