Data Security Principles

Enertiv understands your building data, like all your data, may contain sensitive information about your company. We ensure enterprise-grade protection of data by utilizing modern encryption standards. We enforce data protection based on these guiding principles:

  • Your building data belongs to you: Enertiv is a custodian of your building data and preserves access to it exclusively for you the customer.
  • Your customer account is secured for viewing and retrieving data. When sharing data into our analytics engine, we anonymize all identifying data.
  • We never share your data without your consent, and access is restricted only to full-time Enertiv employees who need it.

Our Hardware

  • Deploying into your building allows us to get better insight into your operations and provide better solutions to your staff. Our installations are minimally intrusive by design, to both your electrical panels and your IT network.
  • Enertiv leverages its own infrastructure and stays off your servers. This means you maintain control over all the devices on your network, and we only interface with your IT department and your network if you want us to.
  • Our tech stack is built on open source principles. We utilize AWS hosting, openssl login keys, TLS and HTTPS protocol, SHA-2 512-bit certificates, and 1024-bit SSH-2 RSA keys with physical key backup.

Applications & Web Access

As an Enertiv customer, you will have the ability to access and analyze your building data from anywhere, 24/7.

  • Building data are restricted to user accounts that you authorize.
  • Access via token-based authentication.
  • Secure password policies.
  • Passwords encrypting using the PBKDF2 algorithm with a SHA256 hash, a password stretching mechanism recommended by NIST. It’s quite secure, requiring massive amounts of computing time to break.

Data Storage

All data on the Enertiv SaaS platform is stored in the cloud which provides near unlimited flexibility, scalability and reliability. Enertiv stores data indefinitely, if not for immediate access, at least regarding long-term storage to facilitate the continual improvement of analytical tools and for record keeping purposes.

Customers own the data and have unlimited access to it, via the Enertiv Platform, either directly through the interface, or via a RESTful API.

Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Enertiv’s mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) network provides global 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular solutions across CDMA, GSM, and LTE networks. Enertiv also partners with Verizon, which provides one of the largest LTE coverages in the USA.

The MVNO network allows you to segregate enterprise traffic from public network elements using dedicated gateways. For particularly secure installations, the Machine to Machine (“M2M”) management enables a complete solution to enterprise security, including two architecturally distinct private network solutions.