Enertiv Releases Virtual Reality Solution to Streamline Building Operations

The patent pending technology combines IoT sensor data, machine learning, and 3D visualizations to enable building operators to access digital replicas of their assets from anywhere in the world. The patent pending technology combines IoT sensor data, machine learning, and

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What To Do About Coworking's Effect on Real Estate Fundamentals

It’s clear to anyone paying attention that coworking is a force to be reckoned with. In just the last four years, WeWork’s membership has surged over 3,000% to more than 250,000 users served at 14 million square feet of office

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Winter is Coming - How to Make This One Easier with Data

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, temperatures are falling, and building operators are bracing for a host of winter-related challenges. Unpredictable events such as frozen pipes bursting or boilers breaking down are all but guaranteed.

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6 Fundamentals to Conquer Before Smart Buildings Make Sense

Vince Lombardi, legendary football coach for the Green Bay Packers, once said: “some people try to find things in this game that don’t exist. I don't care about formations or new offenses or tricks on defense. Football is only two

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What is a Digital Twin and How Can it Streamline Operations

Digital twins have been around for a while in industries such as complex manufacturing and initial construction. Now that real-time data is ubiqitous thanks to the internet of things, digital twins are beginning to be applied to ongoing building operations

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Operational Maturity: Technology and the Organization

Leading real estate portfolios are coming to realize that technological transformation cannot be achieved with simultaneous organizational optimization. In this video, Derek Cedarbaum explains the parallel processes of technology adoption and organizational change in the pursuit of improved results.

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"Dinosaur" Processes That You Should Retire and Replace

Enertiv's Head of Client Success, Mark Pando, shares the outdated and inefficient processes that even the best run real estate portfolios in the world are still relying on daily, and the specific ways in which technology can help.

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How to Select the Right CREtech for Your Business

CREtech Founder and CEO, Michael Beckerman, reveals the advice he gives to landlords that ask him how to evaluate real estate technology and where to get started. He covers the current state of the market, what to look for, and

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Case studies

Building-level Case Study: Commercial Office

After an HVAC upgrade, our client wanted to ensure that systems were well maintained and operated efficiently. The company originally piloted the Enertiv platform at two sites and have since renewed their subscription and expanded projects.

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Building-level Case Study: Multifamily Residential

To maximize asset value by eliminating waste in operating expenses and increasing tenant satisfaction, our client piloted the Enertiv OPS platform in two of their multifamily residential buildings over a one year period. Building-level Case Study:Multifamily

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Maintenance Optimization: Exhaust Fan Repairs

Properly functioning ventilation fans are critical to maintaining occupant health and comfort. Indoor air quality is highly dependent on the performance of ventilation equipment to supply remove air from a space and replace it with fresh outside air.

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Vendor Accountability - Combined Heat and Power

CHP units are significant investments with attractive payback periods, provided that the unit operates continuously. For the economics to work out, CHP units must offset grid-purchased electricity while delivering useful heat. Downtime forces buildings to purchase fuel and additional electricity

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