Reduce operational costs by preventing wasted energy and equipment failures

Enertiv captures real-time energy and cost data from your equipment, then pinpoints which specific equipment needs inspection, rescheduling, upgrades, or speed modulation.

Each recommendation includes precise next steps, quantifiable impacts and expert guidance.

Insights powered by the world’s largest operational data set

Enertiv integrates with your BMS or uses branch circuit meters to monitor equipment-level data. Powered by 30 billion hours of data from various industries and usage scenarios, we provide accurate predictions for equipment failures, energy efficiency measures and retrofit recommendations.

Pinpoint energy hogs among your equipment

At a glance, see total energy usage and costs across your properties, and pinpoint which equipment consumes the most energy.

Maximize energy efficiency with precise insights

Get tailored recommendations detailing which equipment you need to optimize, how to do it and the potential dollar savings and CO2 reduction.  Examples include:
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Load modulation for water pumps
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Optimizing HVAC schedules
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Adjusting peak time usage
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Reducing runtime during off-hours

Avoid expensive repairs and concessions with real-time equipment alerts

Enertiv detects issues and alerts your team so they can proactively resolve problems without constantly monitoring a BMS - preventing failures, costly repairs, and customer issues.

Maximize savings with targeted equipment upgrades

Get recommendations on which equipment you should upgrade to generate savings and link them directly to a project in your capital plan.

Expert guidance from day one

Insights are useless without action. Enertiv's team of building intelligence engineers continuously uncover new cost savings and energy efficiency measures, guide you step-by-step to implement them, and verify the results to ensure savings are achieved.
“ I used to think Enertiv was just a tech solution. It isn’t. It’s powered by smart people. Working with the team is like having experts analyzing our operations and asking us: “Have you thought about this?”. They are training our ops teams which are in turn changing the way they work.”
Morley Barr
Senior Vice President @ Aspen Properties

Enertiv identifies $219,000 in savings in 3 months for 6 Class A offices


Frequently asked questions

How are you capturing equipment-level data?
Does Enertiv perform measurement and verification (M&V) after implementing recommended measures to see if the savings are achieved?
How granular can you get with monitoring?

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Schedule a 45-minute demo so we can:
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Got buildings in mind to test Enertiv?
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Recommend best-fit solutions
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Show you how we identify, implement and measure cost-saving insights
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Show you how we implemented insights from VFD modulations to HVAC scheduling
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